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Chapter History

On November 3, 1979, Soror Floraline Stevens, Farwest Regional Director, installed the Ventura County Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta in Camarillo, California. Shortly, thereafter, the Sorority received its charter, dated October 25, 1980. 

Charter Members

Soror Jacqueline C. Brownlee
Soror Regina G. Jackson-Diggs
Soror Freddie Grady*
Soror Jacqueline Hawkins
Soror Mamie Duffy Island*
Soror Juliette Lee*
Soror Velma R. Montgomery
Soror Charlene Neusom
Soror Lucia B. Peele
Soror Linda L. Radney
Soror Martha S. Reynolds
Soror Eunice Windom

* Deceased

The original interest group was known as “Delta Sisters Together.” Soror Charlene Neusom served as its president with Sorors Island, Radney, Reynolds and Peele as members.

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